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7 Reasons Why These L.A. Dispensaries are Crushing It

7 Reasons Why These L.A. Dispensaries are Crushing It

LA dispensaries are expanding their retail technology in dispensaries through interactive displays and softwares. Here’s how else they’re breaking the status quo.

Why two LA dispensaries are growing faster than anybody else

2020 brought many changes, but one we are particularly excited about is the skyrocketing growth of the cannabis industry and the projected increase of market revenues into 2021. Today, brick and mortar retailers are choosing innovative options to address the needs of today’s consumer. They’re breaking the status quo of long wait times and one-on-one consultative selling—bridging the gap between the convenience and safety of online shopping with the personal touch of in-store visits. 

Two Los Angeles dispensary operations are rapidly expanding with the help of advanced technological options that seamlessly combine the benefits of online and offline shopping. Culture Cannabis Club and Empire have been so successful that, despite the potential setbacks of the pandemic, they’re now quickly opening more stores following the same model. Culture Cannabis Club opened three new locations in less than a year—and their growth isn’t slowing down. They’re currently building two more stores set to launch in spring and have five more stores in the planning process. Empire is growing despite the pandemic as well, with two stores currently open, one launching in February, and four more planned for this year. Keep reading for 7 reasons why Culture Cannabis Club and Empire are growing faster than anybody else, and see how these LA dispensaries are breaking the status quo.

1. Customers are blown away

Many customers have chosen to shop online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but major delays in shipping and decreased personal interaction lead to a unique position for retailers to draw customers back to their storefronts. These cannabis dispensaries are choosing retail technology options that allow customers to receive the in-store experience with the safety and ease of online shopping. Here’s how:

  • Ordering stations in waiting rooms create an efficient shopping experience with less face-to-face interaction.
  • Interactive smart displays give customers the chance to directly engage with the store’s products without coming into contact with other shoppers. These stations can showcase all the product information that customers might not normally see, increasing direct consumer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Contactless payment options offer the ease and safety that customers expect from online shopping. 

These dispensaries are reimagining the typical retail experience to incorporate technologies customers are familiar with, so it’s no wonder they keep coming back.

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2. Staff are no longer stuck behind a sales counter and are taking on a new role

Opening a cannabis dispensary can have costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and staffing expenses tend to be one of the largest. New retail technology options allow your staff members to use their time more efficiently and take on a new role. Empire sees a thousand customers a day but only has three staff members working the floor—with zero wait times. Staff members are no longer stuck behind a sales counter or tethered to the customer, relying on one-on-one selling. Instead, they aid the sales cycle when customers request help. By learning about products through interactive touch displays, customers can make purchases in the lobby before entering the shop, creating a unique and empowering shopping experience.

3. They’ve cut the customer leash

One-on-one consultative selling is a common customer complaint. This can be just as frustrating for dispensaries due to the expensive, counter-heavy operations. This sales model causes long lines and keeps customers waiting, rather than shopping. New retail technology gives shoppers the chance to explore products and make purchases without the requirement of employee interaction. Interactive smart displays offer customers all of the product information without the feeling of a hovering employee.

4. They’re automating shopping for a self-guided experience

Self-guided shopping options such as interactive smart stations with detailed product information and mobile ordering technology allow customers to make purchase decisions without employee interaction. Through a smart shopping environment, customers learn and explore on their own, becoming empowered in their purchase choices. They discover what they truly like and hone an optimal experience. Empire, a cannabis ‘smart store’ in San Bernardino, California, automates shopping on 50 interactive retail displays that allow customers to shop and submit orders without staff. The automation leads to quicker and more efficient visits, lending itself to maintaining the new social distancing requirements.

5. They have ZERO wait times and keep customers shopping

Online shoppers continue to choose e-commerce because of purchase convenience and efficiency. However, with delayed shipping times and websites that display inaccurate product information, now is the perfect time to draw customers back to traditional storefronts where they can take home their products on the same day.

In traditional dispensaries, when customers are waiting, they’re not shopping. The Peak Beyond Smart Stores experience an average daily traffic of 850 customers per day, but with zero wait times due to innovative retail technology, their customers spend more time exploring and building their cart than idly waiting in line.

6. Their customers share their amazing experiences

Customers dish out 5-star reviews for the ease and safety of interactive smart displays. Plus, because they’re easily sanitized, customers can feel confident in the COVID-19 precautions that dispensaries are taking. Culture Cannabis Club at Long Beach customers rave about their experience and are incredibly impressed with the high-tech displays. Each interactive display gives customers all the information they need to make purchase decisions, and the POS integrations make keeping an updated inventory easier for staff.

7. They’re disrupting the status quo

In 2021, there’s no need for customers to choose between the ease of online shopping or the personal touch of brick and mortar locations. Modern retail technology options combine the best of each option to create a shopping experience that is ideal for the modern consumer and cannabis dispensary owner alike. 

Embrace the growth of leading cannabis dispensaries and create an efficient shopping experience with The Peak Beyond

Culture Cannabis and Empire are growing faster than anyone else because they’ve integrated modern retail technology. The Peak Beyond’s technology increases shopping efficiency, enhances each customer’s experience, and decreases staffing costs. Combine the ease and convenience of e-commerce with product tangibility of brick and mortar to create a shopping experience that addresses the changing needs of today’s consumer. Get in touch to learn more and challenge the status quo today.

Published On:
November 27, 2023