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The fastest way to receive support is to open a ticket. You can do so by emailing us at:

Our team will get back to you right away.  For more detailed information about running our system, please take a look at the SOPs and best practices below:

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Best Practices

Require staff competency

This one suggestion will yield the best return.  Ask your staff to get to know the TPB system like the back of their hands.  Get them excited about using the stations as an educational and sales tool.  The TPB system is most successful when staff are excited about it and want to use it with customers. 

Stay connected

Our system works best when run on an uninterrupted ethernet connection. Connect to ethernet or a non-guest wifi network, ideally the same one that the POS is on. If you run into syncing issues, reboot the machines. This fixes most issues.

Encourage customer engagement

The TPB system is most beneficial to you and your customers when it gets frequent usage.  Aim to orient all first time customers to the system in a guided tutorial by staff.  The more customers use these stations, the more data you will be able to collect, and the better you will get to know your customers.

Let it shine

Our touchscreens are made from commercial grade tempered glass. Regular wipe-downs will kill germs and erase fingerprints, keeping your store crisp and inviting new customers to engage. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We want to ensure that private information about clients, employees, partners, customers, and our company is well-protected. Specific examples of confidential information are employee records, financial information, data of customers/vendors/partners, and items marked confidential. We offer the option to opt-out or collaborate on specific data that The Peak Beyond maintains to remain compliant and in partnership with our stakeholders.

Keep customers flowing

We enforce an environment of respect to and from all stakeholders and believe it is a nonnegotiable when facilitating a harmonious work environment. Harassment can be used broadly, therefore, we define them as actions that create discomfort for others and may cause the inability to perform daily tasks. Violence in the workplace is a form of harassment that may include physical and sexual assault, destruction of property, threats to harm property or person, and/or verbal and psychological abuse. We want to avoid all forms of harassment and violence altogether, but we want to be ready to respond immediately if needed. Please contact us if you are concerned, suspicious, or need to report any acts of violence and harassment. Please contact emergency services if witness to something ongoing that can harm someone or threaten personal safety.

The fastest way to receive support is to open a ticket. You can do so by emailing us at: