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Flower Stations

At flower stations, customers lift a jar to see or smell the product, triggering digital information about each strain they pick up.  This interactive and engaging display type is the best way to feature flower products and attracts customers like bees to honey. 

Flower stations can be custom designed to fit your aesthetic, or select from a number of our pre-made designs that can slot into your existing furniture.

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Brand Stations

White-labeled branded stations catch the eyes of browsing customers, who dive into full-page photos and videos to learn about featured products. 

Brand displays offer  the most interactive way of connecting with customers who shop in person.Bring your brand to life with a new and engaging way to connect with your customers.

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Additional Product Types

Quick Checkout - Do you want to provide an expedited experience to customers who want to get in and get out? Our quick checkout displays utilize the same user interface without physical product interactions.

Menu Boards - We know you need menu boards. We do that, too. Save time for your customers and staff by exhibiting products at an easy glance. The menu rotates through all product categories to show a live sync of in-stock products.

Digital Advertising - In store kiosks offer valuable ad space relevant to the categories customers are already shopping inside a retail location. This interactive slotting space features prominently with traceable data to prove ROI, and ad revenue has the potential to lower software license costs for dispensaries.

Creating cannabis smart stores with interactive retail technology

The Peak Beyond is redefining cannabis retail with interactive shopping stations consumers love. Dispensaries with interactive displays sell 40% more products by allowing shoppers to freely research, examine and even smell products at the point of purchase.

Product interaction is our secret sauce!


In-store, digital shopping stations and interactive retail displays connect with an at home and mobile e-commerce platform, powering a seamless customer experience, increased loyalty, and more sales.
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Flower Stations

Customers lift a jar to see or smell the product, triggering digital information about each strain.

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All-Category Stations

Customers browse non-flower categories by picking up empty packaging and placing it next to a digital display.

cannabis ecommerce software

Additional Product Types

The Peak Beyond offers Quick Checkout Stations, Menu Boards, and Digital Advertising.

Brand Stations

White-labeled branded stations showcase full-page photos and videos to highlight featured products.

cannabis retail stores displaycannabis retail stores display

Smart Stores

Stand out from competition. Offer customers a new way to shop with store-wide interactive smart stations.

  • Optimize customer flow
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Increase dwell time
  • Collect consumer behavior data
  • Eliminate lines
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase cart size
  • Integrate with your POS
simple software for cannabissimple software for cannabis


Outshine the competition. Unify the in-store and at home experiences with a personalized shopping dashboard that keeps your customers coming back.

  • Customizable Branding Opportunities
  • Personalized Customer Dashboards
  • One-click re-ordering for delivery or pickup
  • Shopping history and Direct Marketing
  • At home experience that mirrors your store's
cannabis sales softwarecannabis brand merchandising

Mobile Ordering

Expand your reach. Put your store in the hands of your customers with convenient mobile ordering.

  • Capture more sales
  • Safe and convenient 
  • Order from anywhere
  • Integrate with your POS
  • Live inventory syncing
  • Customized branded interface
cannabis brand merchandisingcannabis brand merchandising

Branded Merchandising

Flaunt Your Assets. Speak directly to your customers at the point of purchase with fully branded interactive merchandising stations.

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Increase sales
  • Collect consumer behavior data
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Showcase your brand, in store
  • Directly engage consumers
  • Get to know your customers

We’d love to hear from you!

Drop us a note with your questions or – better yet – schedule a call or virtual demo with us. We look forward to hearing about your current setup and sharing all of the cool ways your customers can engage with our interactive displays.

Consumer Behavior Data

Understand your customer and their experience. Make smart cannabis marketing decisions with consumer behavior data that shows how customers shop.
  • Sessions Per Store, Sessions Per Display
  • Average Clicks Per Session, Average Time Spent Per Session
  • Count of Products Placed, and Most Popular Products Placed
  • Most Popular Categories, Most Popular Brands
  • Most Popular Search Terms
  • Successful + Unsuccessful Checkouts Daily
  • Basic Click Funnel, General User Shopping Pathway
  • Ad Clicks / Ad Conversions

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