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Our Values

At The Peak Beyond, we are committed towards the customer experience and ethical decision making. We have made the following formal pledges to ensure our commitments are upheld.

Mission Statement

We are on a mission to create extraordinary in-store shopping experiences that harness technology, bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, and generate sustainable economic development. Guided by our Core Values of social impact and purposeful profiteering, we envision in-store environments that are exciting, convenient, and as smart as the people that shop them. Consumers no longer rely solely on salespeople for decision-making, and we believe that empowering consumers means putting education in their own hands.  The Peak Beyond redesigns consumer experience with technology that makes selling, buying, and educating easier. We bring the technology of tomorrow into our lives today to create meaningful consumer experiences and equal opportunity for all.

Code of Ethics

The Peak Beyond will act with integrity, respect, and in an ethical manner with clients, prospective clients, partners, employees, stakeholders, and the public. We will practice and encourage others to practice professionally and ethically and facilitate an environment of learning.

Whistleblower Policy

The Peak Beyond requires all stakeholders to observe high standards of business and personal ethics when completing tasks and responsibilities. As representatives, partners, and collaborators of The Peak Beyond, we must practice honest and integrity at all times. All stakeholders are encouraged and enabled to raise serious concerns internally so that The Peak Beyond can address and correct inappropriate conduct. It is our responsibility to report concerns and violations without the threat of retaliation. Through our open-door policy, you can engage with leadership regarding questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints anonymously or with contact information for follow-up.

Internal Financial Controls

The Peak Beyond is committed to transparency and anti-corruption systems. We abide by the following internal financial controls: 1) all business and personal financed are kept separate, 2) conduct background checks before hiring, 3) hold monthly financial statement reviews, 4) require all vendors to submit detailed invoices, and 5) distribute financial duties and audits to more than one individual.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

We want to ensure that private information about clients, employees, partners, customers, and our company is well-protected. Specific examples of confidential information are employee records, financial information, data of customers/vendors/partners, and items marked confidential. We offer the option to opt-out or collaborate on specific data that The Peak Beyond maintains to remain compliant and in partnership with our stakeholders.

Harassment and Violence

We enforce an environment of respect to and from all stakeholders and believe it is a nonnegotiable when facilitating a harmonious work environment. Harassment can be used broadly, therefore, we define them as actions that create discomfort for others and may cause the inability to perform daily tasks. Violence in the workplace is a form of harassment that may include physical and sexual assault, destruction of property, threats to harm property or person, and/or verbal and psychological abuse. We want to avoid all forms of harassment and violence altogether, but we want to be ready to respond immediately if needed. Please contact us if you are concerned, suspicious, or need to report any acts of violence and harassment. Please contact emergency services if witness to something ongoing that can harm someone or threaten personal safety.

Workplace Safety and Health

The Peak Beyond is committed to creating a hazard-free and safe workplace. To successfully manage a safe and healthy workplace, we commit to preventative action and emergency management. Although most stakeholders are remote for most employment hours, our commitments are to include employee training sessions on safety standards and procedures when applicable to job duties and engagement, and support an environment that takes safety seriously.