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Bringing Retail Tech of Tomorrow into Businesses Today

Bringing Retail Tech of Tomorrow into Businesses Today

Glimpse into the way The Peak Beyond is transforming retail as we know it by bringing the retail tech of tomorrow into your stores today.

Merging Retail Innovation with the Customer Experience

Stand out against the competition by being the first to integrate new technology into your current point of sale. Consumers are shifting to big, trusted brands who have more to offer in customer loyalty. Share the values that customers expect by providing an educational, user-friendly, interactive platform that caters to today’s lifestyles.

Creating an interactive customer experience is essential in modern retail

Innovation builds progress. We’ve seen this in everything from the printing press to the telephone to the computer and beyond. At The Peak Beyond, we’re carving the path for the future of retail by merging the ease, convenience, and modernity of e-commerce with traditional brick and mortar shopping - optimizing the experience while making it more enjoyable and efficient.

As the world continues to evolve and become even more fast-paced, traditional retail experiences are left behind for more advantageous methods like online shopping. The retail industry as we know it simply doesn’t provide a consumer experience adapted to modern lifestyles. This is where The Peak Beyond steps in and offers a solution.

It’s time for high-tech experiences in-store, too

Tech-savvy consumers want a way to get the products they need in a fast, fun, and informative way. There has been a huge shift to digital platforms for shopping. Consumers ask themselves: “Why go into a retail store when you can access exactly what you want from your mobile device?” According to McKinsey & Company, the shift to online shopping has been near universal across categories. High-income earners and millennials are leading the way in shifting spend online across both essential and nonessential items.

Customers who engage with products are 60% more likely to purchase them

It’s time for the in-store experience to catch up with online shopping. Integrating technology in a whole new way, we offer an experience that brings the savviness of online shopping into stores. The Peak Beyond provides the best of both worlds— we take the immanent technological shift and transform it into novel and dynamic in-store experiences.

The Peak Beyond technology allows our customers to:

  • Use physical products as a gateway to their in-store digital catalog
  • Showcase beautiful digital marketing assets for in-store customer shopping
  • Obtain consumer behavior data, providing invaluable insights

Rise up and become the retail of the future with:

  • Smart Stores: Give your customers a new way to shop with store-wide interactive smart stations. Our smart stores offer savvy solutions that increase sales, increase cart size, optimize customer flow, and integrate your POS.
  • Interactive POP Displays: If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Speak directly with your customer base at the point of purchase (POP). With our interactive merchandising stations, you can showcase all the brand information, videos, and detailed product specifications that customers may not normally see in an in-store experience. When you do, you’ll benefit from innovative technology, increased sales, direct consumer engagement, and brand loyalty growth.
  • Mobile Ordering: Expand your reach by placing your store in the palm of your consumers’ hand. Convenient mobile ordering systems offer safe and easy purchasing power, POS integration, customized branded interfacing, and ordering ability everywhere your customer goes.
  • Menu Boards: Bring your offerings to life in an eye-catching, digital way. Display your products and allow consumers to save time by browsing products at a glance. Easily optimize customer flow, eliminate lines, and sync your live inventory with POS integrations. 
  • Data: Get to know your customers and create smart responsive marketing campaigns based on consumer-driven data and monitor how your customers shop. Data as a service is an opportunity to optimize messaging, audience targeting, and loyalty building as well as fine tune product placement.

Multiple products. One seamless experience. 

Gone are the days of entering each piece of information into multiple platforms. Connected to the same backend, our entire suite of  products “talk to each other” so you can consolidate and distribute information among multiple platforms. That means what you enter for Interactive POP Displays will also be available on your Menu Boards, Smart Stores, or Mobile Ordering systems. With our suite, you’ll:

  • Enter information once 
  • Reduce time spent on backend processing
  • Consolidate online with in-store, providing a more complete and enjoyable shopping experience
  • Sell more products
  • Land more foot traffic and repeat customers

Digital is the way forward

The world was built on revolutionary ideas. Progress doesn’t stand still, and digital will continue to become more prominent, sophisticated, and optimized as we move forward. Embrace the momentum and make traditional retail and online shopping collide in the best of ways with The Peak Beyond.

Achieve new heights with modern technology that pushes the boundaries of retail as we know it.

Reach out to The Peak Beyond to find out more about integrating digital elements into your everyday retail experiences.

Published On:
May 16, 2024