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The Importance of Direct-to-Consumer Education

The Importance of Direct-to-Consumer Education

Direct-to-consumer education is crucial these days. Considering customers have the ability to shop online and in-store, many people are now accustomed to having comprehensive product information at their fingertips and are looking for that experience in brick-and-mortar stores.

In-store interactive education provides consumers with the opportunity to build an information base that helps them become smarter shoppers — while feeling more empowered about their shopping choices. 

With The Peak Beyond, cannabis consumers begin to build a knowledge base by exploring brands and products available in the dispensary setting, while shopping based on product category, consumption use, brand profile, and more!

Cannabis Education Matters! 

The availability of consumer education reflects on dispensaries and their staff. Budtenders often have shoppers piling up in lines as they are busy answering questions and attempting to guide shoppers to the product they are looking for. Shoppers become impatient when they are not able to look at packaging or search for products based on how they consume, what their medical condition is, or how they want to feel.

According to BDSA’s 2022 Cannabis Consumer predictions, consumer purchasing habits of this year include:

Discovering more brand recognition

  • Testing for terpene/cannabinoid content and data 
  • Product and strain specifications 

While there is some guidance and support through retail staff, consumers are now discovering an interest in educating themselves. This includes interactive engagement that allows the potential buyer to further learn and understand the brand/product being offered. 

With this growing curiosity in the legal cannabis industry, it’s essential for brands and retailers to present direct-to-consumer product information at the point of purchase (in a way that continues to allow shoppers to explore, educate, and make further informed decisions). 

Engaging with Curious Consumers 

As cannabis sales continue to skyrocket, it is up to cannabis companies to strategize innovative ways to produce the “highest quality product” while standing out in a saturated legal market. 

They can achieve this by providing ways to display, inform, package, and educate consumers regarding these high-quality products.

Through engaging, interactive technology and educational software, consumers are able to utilize technology to help further determine the right product for them. 

Retailers can share standardized information and insight on specific cannabis products while building strong direct-to-consumer relationships and establishing customer loyalty that will keep consumers coming back! 

Creating Immersive & Educational Experiences with The Peak Beyond

The Peak Beyond allows your customers to spend less time waiting in line and more time interacting and learning.

For example, our Flower Stations give cannabis consumers an interactive way to discover and explore flower. These displays also provide customers with a more optimal shopping experience in regards to their favorite brands or the latest products available. 

Customers can interact with physical products, product packaging, and information on the touch screens to learn more about each product while building a digital shopping cart.

The Peak Beyond’s interactive merchandising displays provide an engaging shopping experience that increases sales, educates consumers, builds brand and retail loyalty, and empowers staff. 

Curious to learn how our interactive merchandising displays are making a difference in brick-and-mortar locations? Take a look at customer reviews on Google and Weedmaps - dispensaries like Culture Cannabis Club are continuing to get raving reviews from customers regarding their technology and interactive shopping experience.

Published On:
July 20, 2023